Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a school for children in Newcastle with special educational needs and to provide an environment where they can grow to their full potential within a Christian framework. Also to enable children to return to mainstream education where possible. For those who cannot return to mainstream schools, we prepare them for entrance requirements for special high schools, such as Tugela High School.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a remedial educational facility for the community in and around Newcastle by means of a self-funded special needs academy for children aged from 3 years with daycare facilities and full therapeutic services including Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Dietetics.

School Fees

Please contact us for more information regarding our school fees.

School Fees Include:

* Individualized and Specialized Educational Programs
* Small classes
* Educational Outings
* Extra-mural activities as funding allows



Therapy is excluded at this time until the academy is in a financial position where therapists and other staff can be employed. It is most definitely included in the near future goals of the school. Therapy will be at an additional cost and is voluntary at present, but is highly recommended. Therapists will be working in conjunction with teachers where necessary and will join the team as soon as it is possible. At that time school fees may increase to include occupational therapy and speech and hearing therapy.